Délices O Chocolat (Gels Douche);Shower gels - Bubble Baths with Cocoa Bean Extract

用途 : 五種令人意想不到的巧克力香味,質地細緻的泡沫觸感,帶給你沐浴時全新的感受。沐浴後全身散發清淡的巧克力香,且肌膚也變得光滑柔嫩,讓你全身上下都散發出獨特的魅力。
香味 : 黑巧克力/牛奶巧克力/薄荷巧克力/柑橘巧克力/榛果巧克力
主成份 : 可可Vegebios ®、咖啡因、鐵、鎂等。

‧Actions : Awakens the senses with incredible scents and a rich perfumed foam.   Creates relaxing moment in the shower or bath and a silky after-feel.    A scented delight that leaves the skin irresistibly perfumed.
‧Five Fragrances Available : Dark chocolate / Milk Chocolate / Chocolate & Mint / Chocolate & Orange / Chocolate & Hazelnut.  
‧Ingredients : Cocoa Vegebios® : (Rich in Caffeine and Theobromine.  Cocoa is well known for its tonic and stimulating action).

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