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我最喜歡的產品就是這罐可可醬 ,它的外觀和味道就跟巧克力一模一樣,而它不僅滋養,並可以提供長時間的保濕效果,同時它的潤色效果,讓你的臉色可以保持著健康的色澤。


If you are unsure whether to get your Mum beauty products or chocolate this Mother’s Day, then I have found the perfect solution! Audacious and innovative, Sensation Chocolat Paris is a new skincare line, with natural Cocoa extracts, that brings beauty and well-being as it helps hydrate and preserve natural, beautiful and glowing skin. My favourite product from the range is the Fondant O Chocolat, which looks and smells just like chocolate!!  It nourishes and provides long-lasting hydratation, bringing instant radiance to your face! It is quite pricey but sooo worth it.

原文:Sensation Chocolat - it's good enough to eat!

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