Salomon和James說~『可可』是上帝賜予人類最棒的禮物。『可可』內含豐富的多酚、維生素及礦物質等,是最天然的抗氧化劑,能讓肌膚保持明亮水嫩感。Salomon和James創新研發出一系列以『可可』為基底的天然美妝品,就是要讓『可可』帶給大家極緻完美的膚質。【SENSATION CHOCOLAT】就從此刻開始發光。

SENSATION CHOCOLAT一個創新的美妝品牌,甜而不膩的可可香味,及溫和不刺激的天然成份,讓SENSATION chocolat一上市即造成歐洲市場的熱烈迴響,在法國、英國、比利時、瑞士、西班牙等國,都受到極高的評價。


Salomon說:「你的美麗和幸福就從SENSATION CHOCOLAT開始。」

Salomon grew up in a happy cocoa farm. Hopelessly romantic, he loves arts and cultures. He loves everything associated with beauty of people and things. James is an optimistic and naughty boy. With creativity bursting in his head, he wishes to bring to the world a different kind of excitement. As colleagues in the high-tech industry, Salomon and James have developed a strong brotherhood. They share the joyful and difficult moments at work and they encourage each other. 

One day, Salomon went back home for holiday. He waved his paintbrush in the beautiful cocoa farm, expressing his love for this farm with oil colors. He feels a magic of happiness flowing from his painting. He told James, “I want to deliver this happiness to the world”. Salomon and James took over the operations of the cocoa farm for this vision.

Salomon and James noticed that when people eat chocolate, they feel happy. However, many people hold ambivalence toward the sweet and gluey texture because they think chocolate is an enemy of their looks. They wondered what can be done to make chocolate not only eatable but also useable, something makes people happy and beautiful. Therefore, Salomon and James set up a cocoa laboratory, aiming to create a unique beauty product.

According to Salomon and James, cocoa is the best gift from God to us. Rich in polyphenol, vitamins and minerals, it is the best anti-oxidant and able to keep skin moist and radiant. Salomon and James developed a series of natural beauty products with cocoa as the foundation, promising to keep skin at its perfection. This is how SENSATION chocolat started to shine.

SENSATION chocolat is an innovative cosmetics brand. The sweet but refreshing aroma and the gentle natural ingredients of cocoa made SENSATION chocolat a hit in its debut in Europe. It was extremely well received in France, the UK, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain. 

Salomon said, “Your beauty and happiness start with SENSATION chocolat.”
James said, “Chocolate gives you a different kind of beauty.”

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