Granité O Chocolat

用途 : 乳狀顆粒的質地,可溫和去除身體肌膚老化角質,提升新陳代謝,幫助減少橘皮組織產生,使肌膚變得更平滑緊實,富有彈性。使用後搭配感覺巧克力乳液,更能讓肌膚恢復光鮮煥采的魅力。
主成份 : 可可油、杏仁微粒子等。

Creamy Exfoliating and Draining Body Scrub with Cocoa Butter
‧Actions : Stimulates microcirculation, improves firmness and elasticity.   Improves surface cell turnover (removes dead skin cells and soothes rough areas).   Refines skin's texture and promote firmer feeling skin.    Leaves skin soft, detoxicated, hydrated and nourished with sweetly scented Cocoa Butter.    Helps reduce the appearance of "orange peel" skin.
‧Ingredients : Cocoa Butter / Apricot Kernel Granules

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